monotonous magic

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Monotony is the law of nature.  Look at the monotonous manner in which the sun rises.  The monotony of necessary occupation in exhilarating and life giving.  
~Mahatma Gandhi

I have a confession to make. I love monotony.  Don't hear me wrong.  I love the magical and miracles moments of life, but I really have a thing for the ordinary.   
I find that life can be hard and harsh.  It can some times feel like we are on this crazy roller coaster, never really knowing when it will stop.  And while I can scream and throw my hands up in the air on all the dips and turns, when it comes down to it,  I love when the ride stops and I can get off.  
It is the boring moments that make my heart happy: quiet moments when the children are reading, when my husband comes home and sits in his big leather chair or when dinner is done and we are doing the dishes in the kitchen.  It is in these common moments that I find joy.  It is in these  monotonous moments that I find peace. 

So for me, all those common, boring,  and monotonous moments.... well that is where the magic is.  

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