end of the day

We had a beautiful prayer service last night.  It was peaceful and quieted my soul.  It is only on Fridays during Lent, but how I wish I could experience it at the end of every week.  There was such a centering and freshness that came over me.  My dear friend read a beautiful prayer that I wanted to remember.  May it bless you as it blessed me.  

I seek your presence, O God,

Not because I have managed to see clearly
Or been true in all things this day,
Not because I have loved perfectly or
Reverenced all those around me,
But because I want to see with clarity,
Because I have tasted freedom, and joy, and healing
And I desire to love as I have been loved.
Renew my inner sight,
Make fresh my longings to be true
And grant me the grace of loving this night
That I may end the day as I had hoped to live it,
That I may end this day restored to my deepest yearnings,
That I may end this day as I intend to live tomorrow
As I intend to live tomorrow.

Sounds of the Eternal by J Phillip Newell