Fave Five on Five ~ June

Last month, I was invited to participate in a new blog roll. The idea is seven women posting their favorite five shots from the previous month on the fifth of each month.  I am so honored to be included in such a great group of photographers.

It was interesting to look back and ask myself what I loved most of my own photography.  Not surprisingly, four of my five are film.  I have been trying to shoot my digital for pleasure more. However, I think that film has a firm grip on my heart and I hope it never let's go.

the library | Mamiya 645 | 80mm | Fuji Reala
We went on a family vacation in June.  One of our stops was the Hearst Castle.  The rooms were dim and mostly lit with natural light, making it difficult to shoot with the Fuji Reala I had loaded.  However, the library had large wonderful windows, filling the room with wonderful light.  I loved this room and was thrilled this came out.

my family | Mamiya 645 | 80mm | Fuji Reala
 Another stop was Pismo Beach. We were able to drive onto the beach.  Here on the west coast, we don't have many beaches with dunes, so it was a treat to see.   My family had gone ahead and were running about between the grass.  I looked up and thought about how blessed I was.  I asked them to stop their play so I could take a photo.  Sometimes it is the pause in time that makes me love a photo, and that is true with this one.

old fasioned | Yashica LM | Portra 400 
One thing I love about my TLR is it's ability to shoot in low light.  I can get my shutter speed down to 1/10 without shake.  I loved the light hitting one of my favorite drinks.

stand out | Canon 5D | 50mm 1.4
 My only digital this month.  I just like the purples and the fun swirling bokeh.

my whole world | Land Camera 420 | Fuji FP 3000 
I have a thing for Polaroids.  They can be so touchy, it has been difficult for me to get what I am seeing and wanting to capture on the film.  As I peeled the paper back to reveal this image, I teared up a little.  As my kids have gotten older, I have watched their lives slowly separate from mine.  When they were small, we filled our day with most of the same activities. Now that I have two graduated from high school, their days are filled with work, college, friends, and boyfriends.  While on this trip, it was very clear to me that this just might be our last trip of just us five.  We may go on more trips together, but I can see one daughter being busy or a boyfriend coming along.  While these are not bad things, they symbolize an end of an era.  This feels like my family looking forward ... and all at the same time, looking back over the years together.

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