eyes wide open

I have had a full day. 

It started with making pancakes, berry syrup, and bacon for my family. At breakfast,  I talked my husband into staying home for the holiday.  After breakfast, I got talked into a hike by my sweet and convincing husband. We came home and edited more of a wedding we shot last weekend. I took care of my poor, sick teenager.  I folded and put away two loads of laundry that had been sitting at the end of my bed for days.   I fed my sick daughter's gecko.  I finished the day by tackling the sink full of dishes.

And throughout the day, I was searching for what I was thankful for.  I kept waiting for a big moment that would stand out.  I was waiting for the extraordinary, but the extraordinary never came.  Just the ordinary, everyday things.  While at the sink with far too many dishes, my eyes were opened.   Asking what I am thankful for throughout the day made my day full of thanksgiving.  The act of searching for the wonderful makes the ordinary things extraordinary. 

Today, I am thankful for eyes wide open and sinks full of dishes that allow you time to think.   

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